Services Providers and Affiliations

NATOA-The National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association

NATOA is a not-for-profit association of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people within the Aboriginal Trust and Investment field who have organized to create capacity within Aboriginal Communities. General Manager, Mark Sevestre is one of the Founding members of NATOA and the MNCFN Community Trustees have been members of NATOA since 2006, when it was formed.

NATOA has provided national, regional and in-community presentations for Aboriginal communities in an effort to assist our people in sharing the knowledge we have generated. NATOA has also developed and is delivering an On-Line Trustee Accreditation Program through a partnership with Lethbridge College in Alberta.

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Lincluden Asset Management

The MNCFN Community Trustees hired Lincluden Asset Management in 2008, after an extremely thorough search process, to manage 50% of the Community Trust’s Capital Investment Funds.

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Ridgewood Capital Asset Management

In 2008, the MNCFN Community Trustees hired Ridgewood Capital Asset Management to invest 50% of the Community Trust’s Capital Investment funds.

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