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Welcome to the MNCFN Community Trust in 2024. Please check out what is new and the projects that the Community Trustees have approved for the benefit of the New Credit community. 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the Community Trust office at (289)260-4088.

What's New at the Community Trust

2024 Annual General Assembly Update 

The MNCFN Community Trust is holding the 2024 Annual General Assembly on Thursday April 18th at the New Credit Community Centre.  There will be a dinner provided starting at 6pm and the AGA Presentations will start promptly at 7pm. 

The AGA will feature a review of the 2023 Investment season, updates on the projects funding and the shareholder engagement work of the Trustees.  You will also hear from our two investment managers, Lincluden and Letko Brosseau.

There will be two Trustee Positions available this year for election, if you meet the following criteria, you can put your name forward.

1) MCFN Member

2) At least 30 years of age

3) Must hold at least a Ontario Secondary School Diploma or Equivalency

4) must provide proof of 1-3 within 30 days of election

Please contact our General Manager, Mark Sevestre if you have any questions or are thinking of running for one of the two available Trustee positions. You must be in attendance to accept your nomination or at least provide a letter to the General Manager indicating that you would accept the nomination and election if elected.

Current Trustees List

Margaret Sault-Chairperson, Dale Sault-Vice Chairperson, Tabitha King-Secretary Treasurer, Matt King, Katharine Brown, Randy W. King-Youth Trustee, Brittney Sault-Financial Trustee and Jaimie Lickers-Legal Trustee


Community Trust Office Re-Located to the MCFN Adminsitration Building Lower Level Office L03!

The Community Trust office is located in the First Nation's Administration Building.

As always, if you are interested in contacting or meeting with General Manager Mark Sevestre, please feel free to call at (289)260-4088 or email at mncfncommunitytrust(at)on.aibn.com .

-Please also note that the Office phone line (905)768-4908 is no longer in service as well as the office fax line (905)768-4909. The General Manager's Cell Phone will be primarily used for Community Trust contact.  Sorry for any inconvenience.


 Mississaugas of the Credit FN Community Trust YOUTUBE Channel

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MNCFN Community Trustee Meetings

Community Trustee Meetings

The Community Trustees are planning on meeting on the following dates.

Thursday February 22, 2024

Thursday March 28, 2024

Thursday April 18, 2024-New Credit Community Centre









Recent Trust Meeting Motions



Important Toronto Claim Trust Information


The 2010 settled Toronto Claim Trust is a completely separate trust entity from the MNCFN Community Trust.  Please be advised the Lands, Research and Membership Office (905)768-0100, is the office responsible for processing the Community Wellness Program.  The MNCFN Community Trust is in no way responsible for any element of this program.  All Member Inquiries should be directed to the Lands Office (905) 768-0100 or the New Credit Band Office (905)768-1133.

Thank You

Mark Sevestre


The Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation Community Trust was established as a result of a successful land claim settled between the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation and the Government of Canada.   The Land Claim was for a 200 Acre parcel of land along the banks of the Credit River in Mississauga, Ontario.  The original Credit River people were relocated to their current lands just outside of Hagersville, Ontario in 1854.  The settlement funds of $12.7 million were paid by Canada and the Trust Agreement between the MNCFN Chief and Council and an original seven Board of Trustees was brought into effect on April 10, 1997.  The Trust Agreement had been ratified by the membership of the MNCFN in a community vote held January 4, 1997.

The Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation are located near the town of Hagersville, Ontario, one half hour south of Hamilton and southeast of Brantford.  New Credit was the name given the community when they were relocated from the banks of the Credit River in Mississauga, Ontario.

Service Providers & Affiliations

Letko Brosseau and Associates Ltd

Lincluden Asset Management

The National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association

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